Welcome to Executive Function: The Foundation of Almost Everything. Many of the academic and behavioral challenges that students demonstrate in the classroom can be traced to lagging development of executive function.

This course provides a look at eight executive functioning skills: working memory, impulse control, emotion control, cognitive flexibility, self-monitoring, organization, planning and prioritizing, and task initiation. Each section explores the difficulties experienced by someone with a deficit in that skill then provides accommodations to support these students and strategies to help build the skills.

Each section has guiding questions for you to consider as you study the executive function, notes, and next steps for you to take to implement accommodations and strategies in your classroom.


ESSDACK partners with MidAmerica Nazarene University to offer college credit for our courses. Executive Function: The Foundation of Almost Everything is worth 0.5 Knowledge Level credits.

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If you'd like to have the four questions to complete for MNU, they are listed here as well as in the last module of this course called "Finalizing College Credit." You will turn in your 250 word response to these questions into MNU at the end of this online course.


  1. Describe the key content presented in the workshop (online course).
  2. Explain why this information is important in the field of education.
  3. Explain the potential impact this methodology, philosophy, or information or the like will have on students and/or communities.
  4. If you are or were a classroom teacher or specialist, explain how you would implement this new knowledge in the classroom. For teachers, lesson plans are acceptable in this section. If you are an administrator, describe how this new information will impact your building or learning community.

Important To Know

If you decide to take the course for credit, be sure to click on "Complete and continue" in the upper right hand corner of every lecture for the program to keep track of your percentage of completion. At the end of the entire course, you must show 100% complete.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will be able to recognize the impact of deficits in executive functioning skills on academic achievement and behavior.
  2. Participants will develop a menu of accommodations they can implement to support learners with executive function difficulties.
  3. Participants will possess a toolkit of strategies to build executive functioning skills in their children and students.